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Bachelor Degree in Translation and Interpreting

Master in Legal Practice

Appointed Sworn Translator and Interpreter

Member of Asetrad, ITI and APTIJ

TAUS Certified Post-Editor

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I’m a qualified and reliable English and French into Spanish translator and interpreter residing in Madrid, Spain.

With a Bachelor Degree in Translation and Interpreting from Universidad Pontificia Comillas (2007-2011) majoring in Legal Translation and Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting and holding a Master Degree in Legal Practice – Economist&Jurist from ISDE Law School (2016), I can provide specialized Legal, Business and Tourism&Hospitality high-quality translation services.

In 2012, I was appointed Sworn Translator English<>Spanish by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and became a member of Asetrad. Later in 2013 I also became a member of APTIJ and of ITI in 2020. My certification from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting qualifies me as well for conference interpreting services.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you’re looking for free a quote and if still you want to know more about me you can always check out my Linkedln, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

You can also always contact me via Skype.


I have over 9 years of experience within Translation and Localization. During my years as a translator, I have acquired multiple skills that allow me to better provide high quality services to my clients from many different perspectives: I worked as an in-house linguist, freelance translator but also as a project manager, interpreting coordinator, vendor training and implementation specialist and as senior vendor manager for one the top 15 Language Service Providers worldwide and Fortune 500 company.

All these roles have allowed me to gain full understanding of the whole product chain and localization industry reality and developed resources and competencies to advise you as my client and provide you with true prompt and top-notch linguistic service experience.

I’m an efficient project manager that can guide you through your linguistic projects.

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Additionally, my restless interest in professional growth and development drives me to keep constantly training myself to become a better linguist provider. Over all these years I have completed several continuous training courses and therefore, when working with me, you are the true beneficiary of my restless desire to self-improve and to become a better professional.

Subsequently, as a professional member of Asetrad I subscribe their Code of Ethics and have meticulous respect for confidentiality and infinite care for prompt responses.

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