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Interpreters work with spoken words, conveying a message from one language to another in real time or very close to it.

I have a long-standing experience helping companies organize their multilingual conferences, meetings and events and allowing clients understand multilingual messages.

Simultaneous: The interpreter sits in a booth, listens to the speaker in one language through headphones, and immediately speaks their interpretation into a microphone in another language.

Consecutive: The interpreter is in the same room as the speaker and follows the speech while taking notes before presenting their interpretation.

Bidule / Tour-guide interpreting: This is simultaneous interpreting but without booth. It’s a practice for exceptional circumstances like visits to factories, hospitals and similar establishments or remote field visits and for short duration with a limited number of participants.

Telephone interpreting: This service is offered when two or more participants in a phone call meeting do not speak the same language. Telephone conversations between two or more parties are usually interpreted consecutively.

Distance/Remote interpreting: Interpreting service of a speaker who’s in a different location from that of the interpreter. This interpreting service is enabled by remote communications technology.

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Do you need interpreting services and do not know where to start to organize your multilingual event?

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